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October 16, 2017
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June 7, 2019
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Xpert Pro Pole with X-Lock System



Exclusive to X-Pole, the patent pending ‘X-LOCK’ mechanism requires no tool to change the XPERT PRO from Static to Spinning – just a twist of the wrist. Requiring only a turn to switch from static to spinning or back, it takes less than a second and can be done one handed.

The newly designed, smaller, upper dome has a smooth retro look whilst still maintaining X-Poles world renowned pole stability during use.

Taking the best elements of the world’s top-selling pole, the X-POLE XPERT, adding ‘X-LOCK’ and a new upper dome creates the most technically advanced and safest portable dance pole available today.

Key Features:

–  X-LOCK – Static to Spinning in a quarter of a turn, takes less than a second – NO TOOL REQUIRED

–  Bottom height adjustment – no ladders required

–  Featuring X-JOINT technology – easy to use and quick to install

–  Smooth pole from top to bottom – no transition between pole tubes

–  Articulating micro base – easy to set up, even on uneven floors

–  40mm (1.5”) and 45mm (1.75”) pole diameters available

–  Extendable height from 2275mm (7’ 6”) to 2770mm (9’ 1″) out of the box

–  Optional extensions for ceiling heights up to 3395mm (11’1”)


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