October 16, 2017
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October 16, 2017
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X-FLY – Flying Pole




For the ultimate combination of pole and aerial, X-POLE has developed its own Flying Pole: The X-FLY.

X-Fly is supplied in two pieces joined together using a newly designed ‘Secure’ Aerial X-JOINT (total 2410mm – 7’ 10”). An optional 400mm extension (with additional X-Joint) can be added to make a X-Fly pole of 2810mm (9’ 2”). X-Fly can be hung from truss or secure aerial mounts and also from the X-POLE A-Frame, for a portable flying pole practice experience at home or on the go.

Key features:

– Multi-piece for easy transportation and storage – two equal length pole tubes

– Additional/optional 400mm extension – for increased length

– X-Fly Set Pole Lengths:

– Basic Version 2410mm (7’ 10”) (2x 1180mm tubes)

– Pro Version 2810mm (9’ 3”) (2x 1180mm + 400mm Extension)

– Available in 45mm diameter only

– Smooth pole from top to bottom
- Available in Chrome

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