Pole & Hoop Rental

Why buy when you can rent!
Spice up your special event !


A Pole Dance Ireland portable dance pole is perfect for any occasion.

Add that extra glamour and fun to your party or event.
Pole Dance Ireland has several poles available to rent that can accommodate any room from 7ft – 9ft.  Fully removable no screws or bolts, the pole works on pressure only! 100% safe and professional. Full assembly instructions included.

Rates are €130 for a 6 night rental.

Or €50 for one night rental.

(id and deposit required)

Xstage Rental
Free-standing podium pole


A Pole Dance Ireland Xstage is perfect for a venue that doesn’t have a low ceiling.

Add that extra glamour and fun to your party or event.
Pole Dance Irelands Xstage has a 45mm pole & can accommodate any room height. Stage hire includes a professional rigger to deliver, install and dismantle the stage. The X-STAGE can function as both a static and spinning pole and features a large 1.6m circular dance platform area with no corners or sharp edges and a 3m high dance pole.

Specifications X-Stage Pole diameter 45mm Stage diameter 1.6m  Overall height 3m Stage height 320mm Useable pole 2.68m

Price for 1 night rental including delivery and assembly €150



Our Aerial Hoop are professionally manufactured from high-quality steel and all have been certified and strength tested at an external facility. Our hoop for a rental is a single point, black taped and 100cm. Our hoop comes taped and with carabiners, a swivel and various thin mountain climbing straps suitable to hang a hoop.

Price for 1 for one night is rental is €70

Contact us for full details and availability