Aerial Swivel (Small)
July 19, 2015
50m roll of Adhesive Cotton Tape – 3.8cm Wide
July 19, 2015
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Aerial Swivel (Large)


A strong, maintenance free swivel. This heavy duty swivel can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of aerial props (dance trapeze, fabric, aerial rings) allowing the user to spin without twisting. Made from of high-density aluminum alloy this swivel is lightweight yet extremely strong. Enclosed (sealed) stainless steel bearings ensure smooth maintenance free rotation.

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Thanks to the size and shape of the eyes on this swivel you can fit a polyester strop through, allowing one end to be rigged without a carabiner.SWIVEL L P58 L:

This swivel provides excellent performance and reliability due to the maintenance-free sealed ball-bearings.

– Designed for two-person loads

– Breaking strength: 36 kN

– Weight: 150g

– Certification: CE, NFPA 1983 G

– Measures 105 x 50 x 35mm

Three year guarantee

Made in France


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